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Fusion Academy & Learning Center is a unique private school for grades 6-12 that offers a completely customized education. Every student creates a personalized schedule of classes, all of which are taught one-to-one—one teacher, one student—and are tailored to the needs and learning style of the student. Fusion also offers tutoring and enrichment programs for students who attend other schools full-time, and boasts a thriving arts and music program for full- and part-time students. Learn More

Non-traditional ideas about homework are making national news! The Today Show did a feature on how schools across the country, and beyond, are eliminating homework.  A poll conducted on their website had a whopping 75% of parents saying they would like their child’s school to implement a no-homework policy. While Fusion doesn’t have a no-homework […]

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We recently had the pleasure of being mentioned in an article by Dallas Brain Changers as an alternative style of education for children and teens that struggle with mental health issues. Please take a peek at the article below:   “Transformative Education and Mental Health By: Dr. Stephanie Golder, ThD |  Dallas Brain Changers Many […]

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First and foremost, the entire Fusion team would like to thank you for attending and contributing to our Mixer at The Mansion. We hope that you enjoyed the evening as much as we did, and that it left an indelible impression on each of you, as it did us. To follow up from the evening, […]

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I am excited to share with you a new resource (InTheMomentKids.org) that is becoming an invaluable tool in helping parents navigate the world of parenting a child with special needs such as ADHD and/or an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I want this be a community of parents seeking support and tools from each other. I truly […]

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Dear Parents, Let me introduce myself. I am the mother of a beautiful and wise 20 year old boy. Over the course of the last three years, my son survived 18 hospital visits due to severe Crohn’s Disease, 3 hospital born infections that he will have forever, countless pain pills, IVs and shots, a surgically […]

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