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Most people assume that today’s most popular musicians got to the top of the charts through raw talent and sheer luck.   Because on-to-one works


When I hung my first shingle, 22 years ago, I had absolutely no idea that that was the beginning of what is now Fusion Academy and Learning Center. I simply knew what I did well, had a strong mission and refused to work for a system that didn’t work. At the time, I was idealistic, […]


Michael Salas, Fusion Mission Viejo student, scared the bejeezies out of Amanda Chamberlain, Master Teacher, when he came to Friday School as a  bear!  Just had to share this! Make it a great day, everyone, and remember to have some fun and be a little Whacky!


Both horrified and impressed, Fusion Mission Viejo students witnessed an incredible act of nature last Friday, as a Red Tailed Hawk devoured an entire squirrel on top of one of the statues in the Shakespearean Garden at the Huntington Library.  After all, as Katie Glimmer (Art teacher) stated, ‘The world is our classroom!” Great field […]

Thought that Fusion was a bit wacky for not sending homework home?  We’re not alone in the movement.  According to a CBS article, the anti-homework message is heard loud and clear in the Bay Area, as some schools choose to ban all homework completely!  Student and family stress is at an all time high and […]


Congratulations to Fusion Huntington Beach who celebrated their official grand opening with a superb party last night!  Fusion is so excited to be growing in new communities, and the turnout in Huntington Beach last night was proof that the community is excited too!  Hats off to Maryam, Head of School, and the team of outstanding […]

Fusion’s founder, Michelle Rose Gilman, explains the history behind Fusion Academy in this great video. From one location (in Michelle’s garage) to ten campuses located all across California, Fusion has definitely come a long way over the years and continues to grow!

Some of the very talented students in Fusion’s arts and music program are featured in a video on, check it out! (Oh, and FYI: all of the background music was created by Fusion students!)

On the heels of the popular movie Race to Nowhere,  (if you haven’t yet seen it, rush to the next showing!)  The New York Times reported a record number of college freshman who are suffering with anxiety and stress.  The article also claims that more college students are entering their Freshman year already on anti-anxiety medications […]

Fusion LA’s Lilly Horin volunteers at Teen Line to help troubled teens. Check her out on KABC!