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South Bay Graduation

Fusion South Bay’s graduation brought laughter, tears, inspiration, and…ukulele? Read what makes Fusion’s graduations different, and what made this one especially unique.

Arts and music feature prominently at all of our Fusion campuses. From time to time, we like to showcase our students’ artistic talents in a community event.


We’ve all had those jobs that are just that — a job.  The real prize is when you find a place that offers a chance to work in the field you’re passionate about while also offering an endless supply of compassion, creativity and love.  Any teacher will remind you that teaching is an incredibly hard […]


Michael Salas, Fusion Mission Viejo student, scared the bejeezies out of Amanda Chamberlain, Master Teacher, when he came to Friday School as a  bear!  Just had to share this! Make it a great day, everyone, and remember to have some fun and be a little Whacky!


Both horrified and impressed, Fusion Mission Viejo students witnessed an incredible act of nature last Friday, as a Red Tailed Hawk devoured an entire squirrel on top of one of the statues in the Shakespearean Garden at the Huntington Library.  After all, as Katie Glimmer (Art teacher) stated, ‘The world is our classroom!” Great field […]

Fusion’s founder, Michelle Rose Gilman, explains the history behind Fusion Academy in this great video. From one location (in Michelle’s garage) to ten campuses located all across California, Fusion has definitely come a long way over the years and continues to grow!