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Homework Cafe in the new middle school

To accommodate its growing middle school population, Fusion’s Warner Center campus has just officially separated its middle school from its high school.

Arts and music feature prominently at all of our Fusion campuses. From time to time, we like to showcase our students’ artistic talents in a community event.


A Teacher Left Behind: By Heather L. McKinney, M.A.Ed. I can still remember the enthusiasm and energy I had during student teaching: I was surviving on far less than healthy amounts of sleep, which didn’t seem to matter because of how excited I was to be working with kids to help them learn and grow […]


As a happy teacher/mentor of English, history, and French here at Warner Center, I can’t dodge the “empathy molecules” that float around these offices as the staff and students mingle, greet, and share experiences in our one-to-one setting.  We feel that empathy, and embrace it as part of our culture here.  Our students crave it […]


Larry Stone is one of our incredible Fusion Warner Center teachers.  In addition to his dynamic teaching capabilities, Larry also brought our campus a new fun activity that you will find many of our students engaged in during their free time.  Larry is passionate about the game of Chess and the many benefits it brings to any […]

Most people assume that today’s most popular musicians got to the top of the charts through raw talent and sheer luck.   Because on-to-one works


When I hung my first shingle, 22 years ago, I had absolutely no idea that that was the beginning of what is now Fusion Academy and Learning Center. I simply knew what I did well, had a strong mission and refused to work for a system that didn’t work. At the time, I was idealistic, […]


Michael Salas, Fusion Mission Viejo student, scared the bejeezies out of Amanda Chamberlain, Master Teacher, when he came to Friday School as a  bear!  Just had to share this! Make it a great day, everyone, and remember to have some fun and be a little Whacky!


Both horrified and impressed, Fusion Mission Viejo students witnessed an incredible act of nature last Friday, as a Red Tailed Hawk devoured an entire squirrel on top of one of the statues in the Shakespearean Garden at the Huntington Library.  After all, as Katie Glimmer (Art teacher) stated, ‘The world is our classroom!” Great field […]

Thought that Fusion was a bit wacky for not sending homework home?  We’re not alone in the movement.  According to a CBS article, the anti-homework message is heard loud and clear in the Bay Area, as some schools choose to ban all homework completely!  Student and family stress is at an all time high and […]